Frequently Asked Questions


Does insurance pay for homebirth?

Some insurance companies will cover a percentage of homebirth. An HMO will not.  If they do pay it is typically at 50 to 70% of what is billed.  In which case couples are responsible for the remaining 30 to 50% as well as any unmet deductible.

How much does a homebirth cost?

My fee is $4500.  I offer a discount to couples paying out of pocket by the 36th week.  The discounted fee is $4000.  Both fees cover all prenatal care, the entire birth regardless of length and 6 weeks of postpartum care for both mom and baby.  Also included are most medications, herbs, homeopathics and newborn prohylaxis that may be used during birth or the immediate postpartum.  Labs and ultrasound are additional and typically billable to insurance.   A $500 deposit is required at the second prenatal visit for insurance or out of pocket , please ask for details. Credit card payments are accepted as well.

Will the Oregon Health Plan pay for homebirth?

I am not an Oregon Health Plan covered provider.  I am happy to work out a flexible payment plan for those currently covered by OHP.  Please contact me to discuss these options.

What happens if there are two women in labor at the same time?

In my practice we serve an average of three women per month so this is an unlikely scenario, however we are prepared in the event it does happen.  Throughout your prenatal care you will also get to know my assistant.  If two women need us at once, we will split up and call in another team of midwives from the area to assist at each birth.  

What happens if we have to go to the hospital?

Transferring to the hospital in labor can be disappointing and scary.  I will remain by your side at all times, helping you to understand everything that will be happening and serving as an advocate for both you and your baby.  The physician will be the OB/Gyn on call that day at the hospital.  My experiences have all been positive to date.

Do you have doctor backup?

This is a heated topic in the Eugene/Springfield area.  For a variety of political/legal reasons there are currently no docs who are willing to call themselves  backup for homebirth midwives.  That said, there are a few OB/Gyns who are willing to consult with me as needed.  I have access to consultation for any complications/concerns, higher risk situations and ultrasound as well as high risk hospital care as needed. In labor in most cases it is the doc on call that receives us.

What about any lab work and ultrasound?

I have full lab privileges.  All routine lab work is explained to you and the benefits and alternatives are discussed.  When lab work is decided upon I will order the necessary tests.  Women desiring an ultrasound are referred to Maternal-Fetal Medicine where they receive top quality ultrasound and care from the most friendly techs and docs I know.  Likewise, ultrasounds for non-routine purposes are also referred to MFM.  In the case of non-routine ultrasounds I will make every effort to accompany you to the ultrasound to ensure complete continuity of care.

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